Just Workin' on my Fitness -- Who's mah Witness?

Loves! I am alive! I promise!
Just busy with life. Weird, right? Too busy to blog... It's almost blasphemous.
June is here and with it comes health and wellness goals. Don't you think it'd be easier to keep New Year's Resolutions if June 1st was the start date instead?

I have some general "health"-ish goals for the month, including regular exercise and diet changes. I was fortunate to spend a fantastic week with new friends in Surfside and learned a ton about watching foods for low-carb options and keeping on top of your blood sugar.

I've always been worried about counting calories, but I'm thinking there might be something to this carb thing (especially since it will decrease my predisposed chances for developing diabetes!) (thanks, dad) (#not). 

So, my biggest changes this month are 
1. No beer or wine for the entire month.
2. Be aware of carbs in general (and cut down on them).
3. Stick to an exercise regimen. I created a Google Calendar, scheduled workouts, and get updates on my phone each day for the exercise I'm supposed to do! 

Cool, huh? Even cooler, I can share this calendar with you! With your gmail email, I can share it with you so you can get updates too. We can work together, yes?! For tons of  sexy  adorable  hawt  fitness inspiration this month, check out MacKensie G.'s #operationshakirabod biz. Friends who exercise together, stay together. .....or something like that. Monica is also holding me accountable this summer for muscle madness! Yay friendzzzz!

Alright, friendos. 

Happy [unofficial] Health and Wellness Month to us!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  2. If there are no pictures, it didn't happen. Facespace or instablam your workouts so people can help you stay accountable.

    1. Great idea!! I'm all about Instagram! Good tip. :)