In which we find our dream apartment.

In this episode, James and Sarah apartment search hot n' heavy for several days and schedule multiple viewings. After a few lack luster displays by south side complexes, the two discover *brand spanking new* apartments closer to the heart of town. Since the complex is under construction, pricing is somewhat doable (assuming jobs are scored in short order, that is) and they decide to put in an application. Sarah also drafts a shared Google Doc entitled "♥Our Budget♥" and the two continue to hold a place in our hears as the Cutest Couple on the Planet 2013. Applications are flying out of these two young lovers' outboxes at an alarming rate. What will happen next? Will they get the apartment? Will they find something better in the mean time? And how many embarrassing more photos will surface after wedding festivities for one of James's high school friends this coming weekend?!

Stay tuned.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Yay! I love this adventure!

    Luck you guys with those small payments! :)

  2. oooOOOooOoOOoHHH! Lovers in a new place! Looking forward to the next update (and drunk wedding pics)!

  3. haha awww. y'all are so cute. So excited for you. :)