In which I confess my love of The Gist. @thegist

The Gist has quickly become one of Sarah's "Every Day Reads." It's smart. It's sassy. It's like The Onion, only real news. Sarah has suddenly become one of the better informed individuals in her circle of friends, knowing just enough about breaking news stories to share the gist of it. *pause for audience laughter* The Gist is where this Plucky Picaroon learned of Paula Deen's dirty mouth, of the Barbie Dreamhouse Experience (in Florida and Berlin!), and many more! Two particular sections of the news hold Sarah's attention here: The 5 things you should at least pretend to know about at happy hour AND Big Picture (both updated daily). If you're in the mood for hilarious, sarcastic, real news, Sarah gives The Gist 2 thumbs up.... Well, one thumb. The other appears to be tucked in a belt loop.

Happy Newsing!

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