In which the condo lady is accusatory (and rude).

Unfortunately, in this episode, Sarah's beach experience and memories are tainted by accusations from the landlady (who is played by Dolores Umbridge). When Sarah inquired about the final check on the property, she was met with hostility and accusations that Sarah trashed the place during her stay and cost the landlady "a ton of money." The specific damages Sarah incurred were never mentioned. However, she is not invited back. Sad Sarah spends an entire day wondering why she's being so unjustly accused and texting various guests from her beach stay to inquire as to what she ransacked without her own knowledge, but no one noticed anything different about the place from the time she arrived. They respond with, "Didn't you say she never even saw the place before you moved in? How could she possibly know what condition it was in when you arrived if she didn't see it? You took good care of the place, so absolutely NO feeling bad about this." In true Sarah fashion, she continued to feel guilty even in the face of overwhelming evidence that she did, in fact, leave the place as clean (if not cleaner) and nice as she found it. Sarah's feelings remain hurt.

Will they sort out this matter? Will Sarah respond to these accusations? Will this lesson in adulthood favor the young lass for future encounters? 

Stay tuned...

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  1. Give it a day and call asking for a list of damages? I lost $2500 in deposit on my last place and it turned out it was all things that were done by a burglar after I left.