Bodies are weird.

At the beginning of June (a whole 8 days ago), I began a self-induced challenge to cut carbs down to the bare minimum in my diet this month. This required a moment of madness on my part, as it cut out pretty much the only food group I consume consistently.

i.e. My favorites foods/snacks/beverages include:
{::} CHIPS and salsa
{::} baked POTATOES
{::} BEER and WINE
{::} SUGAR
{::} BREAD
{::} Milk and CEREAL

There are other foods missing, but these are the ones about which I shed a tear or two. I look back at me from a week ago, and I'm like

WHY... would you do that?

WHAT ... were you thinking?

These chats with myself have been known to get pretty ugly, you see.... 

But anyway.

In actuality, I was thinking, "Woman. Don't get diabetes like your daddy did when he was your age." So then past-me reaches into the future 8 days, grabs present-me by the collar, leans in really close, and tells me to suck it up. ... [give past-me a break. she was pms-ing]

Now, onto the reason I started this post. My body, since switching to  no   low  lower carb meals, is weird now. Like, it's doing weird stuff. On a positive and mostly normal note, I stay full for a long time after I eat. Uhhhh?? You're talking to the hungriest girl on the planet at any given moment. But something about meat and cheese and lettuce just seems to stick in my craw and I feel pleasantly full for hours.

Also, since I'm counting carbs instead of calories, I pretty much get to eat as much as I want of whatever I want (from the approved menu, of course). Fat-girl-still-living-inside-me-say-WHAT? Yeah. That's a new one. 

Now, onto the less socially acceptable bodily changes. For starters, I have less gas. Honestly, I'd rank myself on a medium to medium-high on the average gas-o-meter, though I really have no clue how much gas in a given day is the "normal" amount. But I have WAY less now. Noticeably so. 

[if you're a potential employer that somehow stumbled upon this post, 
please disregard the above statements and any below]

Also, even more interestingly weird, my number two's are (a) less frequent and (b) a completely different consistency. I won't go into the hairy details, but trust me when I tell you it's different, y'all! Thank your lucky stars I didn't Instagram that shiz. 

bahahahaha. Get it? "shiz??" Literally. bahahaha. 


Energy changes are somewhat noticeable, in that I don't feel as energetic sometimes, but I'm less tired as well. My workouts are getting easier too! [apparently, when you workout a lot, consistently, for several days or weeks in a row, this thing happens that the kids call 'getting in shape.' I know. it floored me too. don't worry.]

Also, if this post is any indication, less carbs make me funnier and way too willing to share personal details that are certainly labeled TMI in the big scheme of things. Ah, well. Maybe abs will appear under the fluff, though! #worthit

Alright, I think that's enough of this for one day. Before you ask the answer is, No. I haven't not had an adult beverage before commencing the writing of this post. Just high on life! And fiber and fat and dairy.

Thanks for letting me get way too up close and personal this day, loves!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. High protein definitely slows down the works and makes it more....foul. Keep on drinking oodles and oodles of water and black coffee (natures laxative)

    Love your side note to potential employers. Haha.

  2. hahahaha i love me a good bm discussion