What Children Need Most

I have an incredibly interesting back story and growing up saga that we'll save for another time and place. Let's suffice it to say, these two people rock my world. My grandparents did not birth me, but they have all but raised me. I love these two jokers. I spat with them, get tickled by them, get upset with them for never leaving BC [even to visit me!!], try to get them to taste hummus [too fancy], and listen to Alan Jackson's Country Gospel album every.single.time I'm in their vehicle. Against a lot of odds, they've helped me to grow up into a relatively well-adjusted, kind of successful, mostly good person. I owe them tons. 

I know Mother's Day is the day we all thank our lucky stars for the women who birthed us. I'd like to take this Tuesday to salute the people who created the stars and ensured their lucky status come hell or high water for their grandkiddos. 

Contemplating luck and love today,
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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