This just in: Spring Blossom Parade Happening Now!

Today is the millionth annual Spring Blossom Parade in my hometown! This is small town charm at its finest. High school marching band plays offbeat and out of tune. Girl scouts proudly sport badges and patches while tossing handfulls of candy to the crowds lining the streets. Tractors so old that they probably once chased dinosaurs out of crops and fields chug down the street, running more smoothly than the newfangled ones that sputter out and die in a year. Babies in strollers squint in the sunshine. Very un-scary clowns (with red noses but not painted faces, thank goodness) build animals from balloons and are happy to help with any photo opp along the parade route. 

Today, I could be over 700 miles away, soaking up sunshine on an oceanfront balcony, but instead? I'm right here where I toddled in diapers, huffed and puffed with my clarinet in the band, and waved to many a friend, relative, and neighbor nearly every year since I was born.  It's perfection. :)

Happy Parade Day.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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