So, I'm 26 now.

Well hello there! Do these words you're reading feel older, wiser, more mature than those from yesterday? That's quite possibly the case, and I'll tell you why. Today is my birthday! I am officially in my 'late twenties.' wooo [?] On this day of the anniversary of my birth, I thought I'd share some tiddy bits of wisdom for all of you youngin's out there.

You should know that...

{::} iced coffee goes down way more quickly and easily than the real thing. It is also much more difficult to find in "skinny" versions. Slurp one of these bad boys down and let the pee pee dance ensue. But it's worth it. it.

{::} contrary to popular belief, you can be a cat person AND a dog person. Your mind is blown, right? Trust me on this one. I spent many an hour of my 25th year of life grappling with this issue but it's true. With enough persistence and dedication, you can be both. 

{::} getting your Masters does not guarantee that people will want to hire you. Actually, that's not true. Being 25 and having a Masters means people would love to hire you.... as an intern, or a volunteer, or an assistant to the assistant's assistant. They just don't want to hire you on in any sort of real capacity, including responsibilities, benefits, and vacation days. You'll spend many a frustrated, tearful moment with friends and loved ones waling about the unfairness of it all.

{::} downing water at the same pace as adult beverages will NOT make you more sober. It will, however, help with your hangover the next morning. Just don't count on your 3:00am self to be mostly coherent because you've been good about chugging water all night. Some lessons are learned the hard way, and this one I pass on to you for good measure.

{::} at some point between ages 23 & 25, your biological clock goes haywire. Your uterus starts convulsing at the sight of chubby cheeked babies. You cry during Hallmark commercials. You start eyeing houses in different neighborhoods for 'livability' characteristics. It starts out all fun and games, and then 
It hits you.  You're, like, acting like a grown up. 

Assuming you're unwed, your family is thrilled when you find yourself in a good relationship and before the year is up will be expecting invitations to witness your bridal march down the aisle. Stay strong, my compatriot. If you don't get married until you're 28, you can still pop out a baby or two before 30.

{::} you finally know what people meant when they said, "I wish I could eat like I was 24 again. You just wait. Your metabolism slows down and it's all down hill and saggy from there." Somehow, 26-year-old cellulite seems so much more visible and unstoppable than that from years before.

{::} you will never be this young again, but growing up isn't as terrible as people make it out to be. We've still got a lot of good miles on these tires, kittens. 

Cheers to another year of life and lessons and adventures!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What life lessons have you learned since your last birthday?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  2. Oh, wait until 30. Those lessons about weight certainly become more vivid and missing one day of running is equal to missing a week.

    Around 30, you decide whether kids are really worth it. :)

    Kidding! But, for me, I figure I've made it this far without one, why do I need to mess up that balance. :)

    Found you from MacKensie's blog.

    1. Ha! Thanks for stopping by. I'm sure the next few years will hold lots of life lessons. haha

  3. Happy birthday :)!!! Haha, I can completely relate to the whole baby BAM feeling!! Ugh, hormones as we age! LOL!

    1. Darn hormones! And then you see an attractive dude playing peek-a-boo with a kiddo and you're melting. Literally melting. lol
      Thanks for saying hello!

  4. I love this! I'm just 22 but I have the whole uterus spasm thing too. If you haven't seen the Target "happy and you know it.." commercial... it's pretty unbearable. In fact, I can't even walk into a Target without being bombarded by babies. :S - great list. I feel 'ya. - Alexandra