Panic Mode :: Bikini Edition

It's that time of year when *ruh roh* pool parties start popping up everywhere. Suddenly, all of these freakishly skinny chicks who apparently don't eat in the winter time [or at lunch time, or at all really] all got together and chose the chairs right next to yours for their sunbathing this summer. Ugggggh.

I always want to be in better shape, but I go through spurts of actually trying to be in good shape. This week, I signed up for the Tone It Up! Bikini Series. A little late [only 6 of the 8 weeks left], but hey. Worth a shot, right?

I mean, if I workout with these girls for the next few weeks, I'll look this, right?

Okay. Okay. Back to reality. So maybe I won't be on a Sports Illustrated cover anytime soon, but there are perks!

1. I haven't done any real working out in months. I hate admitting that. Just... awful. But anyway, that means it should be pretty simple to see results! Doing something will get me farther than I am right now.
2. It's FREE! Woo! I'm a sucker for free stuff. 
3. They are pretty stinking cute, right? I'm hoping I'll be motivated by their cuteness and maybe develop an ab muscle or two. 

Alright. As Keenan and Kel used to say, "Ahhhhh, here it goes!"

Skeptically hopeful,
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What's your favorite Stick-To-It workout routine?

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  1. You had me at the beginning of the post and then talked about working out. Adios!

    No. Kidding. I run 3 miles a day, but that's all I got, and that ain't quite enough considering by love of carbs.

  2. It's FREE?! I want to go to there! They're sooo hawttttt