My 1st High Five!! [and backing azzes up]

These two hilarious, adorable ladies are regular high five for friday and back that azz up posters and since I love their posts so much, I thought I'd join in the fun, which is how all kids become cool, right? Being a joiner? Doing what everybody else is doing? ... I have no clue because I was the uncoolest of the uncool in high school, so bear with me.

1. Kicking Butt and Taking Names
I played basketball with James and his roommates earlier this week, which is the first time I've touched a [basket] ball in about 10 years. Let's just say... I still got it. [and looked like this chick when I was dunking, obvi]

2. I got asked to Prom!
Junior prom, I asked one of my best friend's older brothers to be my date. It was so hot in the dance that I allowed him one slow dance and then, when he asked me if I wanted to dance to another, I replied, "Seriously? It is WAY too hot in here. No touching." Senior prom, I went with all girlfriends. Tons o' fun. This year? My adorable, high-school-science-teaching boosky asked me to be his date.  Now I get to scold girls for dancing in unladylike ways and spoil children's fun as they try to spike the punch. Hooray. 
3.  Barefoot in the Grass
I spent several hours this week hanging out under shade trees, staring up at the sunshine shining through the trees, and reading a page or two from Anne of Green Gables. Also, Barefoot in the Grass happens to be the name of one of my favorite smut novels from high school. Please refer to the intro of this post and allow the uncoolness of my high school self to seep deep into your veins.
4.  Uhhh, GREY'S?!
I started this series on Netflix last summer during grad school and I'm now officially hooked. Holy Smokes. These last few episodes have been hitting on some pretty deep, dramatic issues. Foster care and orphans, MRSA, domestic abuse, and mental breakdowns. Whew. Also, so glad I can watch episodes online. A lot of shows these days are stingy with their free viewing options. Rude. *cough* Girls on HBO *cough*
 5. Job Hunting Joys
But no, really. My brain is fried with job applications and cover letters. Anybody know any leprechauns I could buy a drink?
Also, in honor of Prom, I'm including one of my fave high school dance jams for the backing up of the azz.

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  1. Mad jealzzz I wish I could still go to prom! SO MUCH FUN! Also, I'm diggin that job hunt cartoon. VERY accurate.