Lies I've Been Telling Myself

If you read yesterday's post, you know I'm getting back in gear with a good ol' health kick this week. That being said, I keep lying to myself...and I'm so proud of it!

You see, when I prepare a meal I'm thinking, "There is NO WAY this will fill me up. What else do I have to eat? I think I have some Cheetos in here somewhere..." 

Mind you, this is a conversation I have with myself before the first meal is even cooked through! Knowing that the portion is plenty [aka I don't think I'm even physically capable of starving myself #hungrygirlprobz], I've started lying to myself in preparation of the meal.

"I am going to be SO FULL when I finish this baked potato. 
I may not even be able to finish the whole thing!"


"Baby carrots kind of look like Cheetos.... and they taste just as good!"

I kid you not. I say these things to myself inside my head. Will it work? Signs point to Yes. I hate to quote Hitler's publicity crew here but, "If you tell a lie long and loud enough, people will eventually start to believe it." Sadly, they used their powers for evil instead of good, but there is a ring of truth to this strategy.

So I persist. Anytime I feel sick to my stomach lately, I think, "Must be all that sugar. I should really lay off the sugar." While there is a noticeable relationship between belly aches and sugar consumption in my life, I don't know that a doctor could pinpoint it as my sole source of nausea. Hitting the vino too hard on occasion could earn an honorable mention, perhaps. Whatevs. I'm taking it. If it helps me stop chowing down 4 donuts and an iced coffee in one sitting, I'm game.

Wish me luck, my little loves! 
And send me your favorite healthy-but-delicious snacks and treats, please! This girl's gotta eat. 

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  1. I loathe the fact that boozies are the real reason for my belly pooch. I eat and work out like a champ but its not until I get on a hungover "IswearthatIamneverdrinkingfortherestofmylife" sobriety kick that I actually start to drop pounds. I love wine but I guess I love feeling good more. Le sigh.

    My new snack fav is cucumber dipped in hummus. Om nom. Good luck!