Brave Little Toaster

If this quote from A Game of Thrones is to be trusted, I must be the bravest of the brave these days. So stinking afraid of what happens next. Afraid of not finding a job, or maybe worse -- finding a job and hating it. Afraid of being a grown up and making decisions that actually  matter. Afraid of spiders.

Some small part of me actually believed I could get away with not publicly posting this potty humor. Honestly, though. I had this encounter last week and immediately snapped a few pics, created a collage, and captioned that bia. [yeahhhhhh, I'm a nerd] 
I'm also nervous because my laptop screen broke. Again. *sad face* I can still use about 2/3 of the screen though so it's not the end of the world! But I am afraid of finding a way to pay for a new one.
I'm afraid of student loans and car payments that are due in June. EEEEK! I am one biggo scaredy cat, it seems. 

But that's okay. According to the leader of Winterfell, I can be brave because of these things. That's kind of a cool way to look at new and/or scary things. 

They give us the opportunity to be brave! Cool? Yes? Or am I just practicing cognitive dissidence as a coping mechanism for all the super scary crap the next months hold??

Ahhh, not going to worry about it today. A cute guy in swim trunks just brought me a beachy cocktail. Hot sunshine waits just outside to warm and tan my skin. About 36 hours left in this gorgeous place that has been my home for half a year. Incredible. 

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  1. No matter how much you worry about tomorrow life will play out however it wants. Drop the worry today and pick up that drink. Cheers to your last days on the beach!