A Refresher Course

Hey! It's Summer!! Well, technically we've still got another month of awesome Spring-ness until Summer officially begins, but I've had a birthday and I'm calling it like I see it. The pool opens this weekend. DQ commercials are back in full force. Wendy's even started offering a Frosty Waffle Cone! Hecky to the yes! It's summer!

Beat the heat with a few of my refreshing faves.

1. Yellow Nails
This one seems pretty self explanatory. They're bright, colorful, and fun -- just like summer! Every time you catch a glimpse of your hands it's like a little ray of sunshine beaming back up at you. Two cheers for Sinful Colors and their awesome [and awesomely well-priced] color selection!
2. Ms. Audrey
Seriously. What's not to love about this woman? She's got great quotes, great songs, great movies. She's a stunna, so boys are all about it. But she's also regal and charming, so girls can't help but fall under her spell as well. Anything and everything involving this woman lights up my soul just a little bit.
3. Low-Cal Margs
Have you been scooping up these single serving drinky drinks like we have?! These have been the perfect addition to ensure beachy bliss. The fact that several flavors come in low calorie, low sugar versions makes them the bees knees if you ask me. Did I mention they also taste delicioso??
4. New Sundresses
'Nuff said. What girl doesn't love a shopping spree? Just add a sweet, cute, or sexy sundress to your shopping list and feel your self-confidence sky rocket. There's just something about dresses, you know? Girls love the way they feel in them. Guys love to see girls in them. It's a win-win. This one is from Vicky C's
5. Sleepovers with Besties
Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. We all forget from time to time how incredibly valuable our girlfriends are. We get wrapped up in work, love, life, and other unfortunate incidents and forget that we are a phone call away from giggle fests, wine nights, chick flick marathons, and choreographed *NSYNC routines. Don't underestimate the power of a good time with your favorite friends. When you call her up to ask about a sleepover and she nearly swoons from happiness, you can tell her Sarah sent you. :)
6. Reading, Oceanside
So maybe you don't have an ocean nearby.... but you get the idea! There's something about reading a great book in an awesome setting. This could be a cute little park or a hammock in your backyard or, if you're lucky enough, da beach!!
7. Coconut Lime Breeze
I've raved about this one before, but geez louise I CAN'T HELP IT! This stuff is amazing. Seriously. Smear a dab of this near your nostrils for an instant vacation. Glorious, I tell you. Just glorious. 
There you have it! The plucky way to spend a summer's day. No work and all play, obvi. :)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon 

What are your favorite ways to beat the heat?

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. I want to have a sleep over with my plucky picaroon! is that creepy? #sorrynotsorry

  2. Umm.. loving that sundress! Gonna have to click on over to VS. My fave, hands down are gold and/or sparkly sandals. Don't know why, but they are my favorite. Plus a cute pedi. - Alexandra www.simplyalexandramyfavoritethings.blogspot.com

  3. I think it is so funny that you mentioned the Wendy's waffle cones. I just saw that advertised... Not sure how I feel about it. Isn't the frosty too thin for a cone? :D But anyway... I also love the yellow nails!


    1. The Frosty in a Cone was more than a little bit delicious! It did melt pretty fast, but then, I was nomming it down pretty hard so it wasn't an issue. :)