[the sunday currently]

 reading  Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery from the Top 100, but I've literally read 2 pages in the last 3 weeks. Oops... back at it today, I should think.

 writing  my heart out on Penzu. Again, the writing was on the backburner while company visited, but I've been wondering about what will happen next, and since I'm the one writing it, I guess it's up to me to figure that out, eh?

 listening  to He is We radio on Pandora. Currently, it's playing Love Life and if you've recently [or ever, really] found yourself asking, "A love life?? What's that?", then this song is for you. 

 thinking  about my to-do list. Most of it is hobby-oriented [writing letters, blogging, updating The Dress Dare website] and that I'll need to intentionally enjoy these things rather than see them as chores. 

 smelling  the sweet smell of a Cadbury Egg on my breath. I might have had one already...and be about to enjoy another one. #oops

 wishing  I felt better about my blog content from last week... but oh well, we can't change the past but we do have a say in what happens next!

 hoping  I will find my life passion and fall madly in love with a job that I can't wait to get up and do every single day. Is that really too much to ask?

 wearing  jammies. :)

 wanting   this weird, fuzzy headache to go away. I doubt 2 glasses of Sangria last night with dinner were enough to leave me hungover, but I guess chugging some water couldn't hurt anything.

 needing  a back and hip alignment so that I can run again. It's been nearly a month since my last run. Never thought I'd actually be sad to say that...

 feeling  mellow. A little bit sad since James left this morning after being here for 2 weeks. Also anxious about work in the coming week. But also glad because it's a sunny Sunday and I have all day to do things I love doing [see "thinking" above].

 clicking  The Dress Dare website, trying to get the page format to work on all devices and browsers, and also updating our March calendar! I'm a week behind. Eek!!

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  1. i need to intentionally enjoy my to-do list too, especially the DOOZIE i have for myself tomorrow. sometimes things need to get done, ya know?! why not enjoy it?