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Hello, all!

As you may or may not know, today is a day that tests my professional mettle for the first time.

Tonight is the 7th Annual "All Aboard for Kids" Charity Auction with the Boys and Girls Club of the Grand Strand. The Who's Who of Myrtle Beach public officials, school board leadership, and community partners will dine on Italian cuisine while bidding on silent and live auction items, filling Fund a Need asks, taking their chances with raffle drawings, and learning about the good work of the Boys and Girls Club in their community. Local radio DJs will be MC-ing the event and Club Board Members include several premier business people fromthe United States's 2nd largest cable company, radio broadcasting, land acquiring and development, and local news anchors. The girl who is primarily responsible for making sure all of these people are happy and bidding and having a great time?

You guessed it.


WHAT?!?! Holy cow.

This entire week has been crazy and I cannot believe that someone has entrusted me with this task. Admittedly, I stepped into the position with a few of the ducks already in a row, so I can't take all the  blame   credit for how things go. 

Keep us in your thoughts today, loves. The kids at the Club, that they get the much-needed funding for Summer Programming and mentoring opportunities. The staff at the Club, that my crazy antics haven't driven them completely up a wall. The event attendees, that all goes smoothly and they have a blast supporting such an important local charity. And, lastly, me. Here's hoping that I don't have a stress headache threatening to blow my head off my shoulders. That I'm plenty caffeinated and awake for all of this. That I stay calm, collected, and capable when a crisis arises instead of curling up in a little ball by the Ladies' Room shouting "I  told you not to trust me with this!! I can't do it!!"

Politely requesting all the positive vibes you can muster.

Ever Yours,
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. Don't forget to EAT! All Diet Coke and no bread makes for a shaky w-i-t-c-h (Woman-in-total-control-hahaha) You got this!