Memory Lane :: High School Dance Edition

It's dark in the gym, and everyone is pimply and sweaty. There are streamers and balloons all over the floor because it's the last slow dance of the night and the rowdy boys have made it their mission to destroy every bit of decoration before the dance is over. Besides, nothing says romance like bright blue streamers and big yellow balloons. 

You have been eyeing a cute guy all evening, checking to see if he's asked anyone else to dance, but so far... he hasn't. Maybe he's one of your best friends or the guy you've had a crush on since 7th grade band class or a guy you go to church with. 

The last song is almost over, and those few "solid" high school couples [those who've been dating for at least a month, obvi] are enjoying the last few moments of holding each other close [and not getting in trouble for it]. You watch your crush surreptitiously and hope one of you will get up the guts to ask the other for a dance. 

Your girlfriends are in the midst of some dramatic blow up because Tyler said he would dance with Vivian, but then Jessica stepped in and stole the dance, and now Tyler's going out with Jessica and Vivian is planning to change schools because she can't stand the humiliation that Monday morning, first period will bring. 

But you could care less because
Here. He. Comes. 

Walking towards you, slowly, nervously. Is this real life?! You can't take your eyes off of him. He finally walks right up to you, opens his mouth to speak... and the song ends, the lights come up, a teacher comes on the microphone to say "Time to go! Outside to wait for your parents! Let's go. Out! Out! Out!" and the moment is gone. He is no longer looking at you. He has turned on his heel and walking back across the gym towards his friends. He is still just a dream, just beyond your reach. You sigh, grab your hoodie, and head out to the front steps of the school to wait for you mom. 
/end scene

Hope you've enjoyed Memory Lane :: High School Dance Edition

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