Just LIVE a good life. Not hard.

Earlier I posed a question about living a good life and how it's done, and some recent developments have allowed me to answer my own question.

How do you live a good life? 

Simple: Try to live a good life.

Care about people.

Keep your word.

Feel bad when you mess up or hurt someone's feelings. 


Own your mistakes.

Try harder next time.

Show up where you say you'll show up.

Do the thing you promised you'd do.

If you're late or it doesn't go quite as planned, keep trying.

Do better next time.

Intentionally set out to appreciate little things. It gets easier the more you try.

Take extra care with something important to someone you love, even if the thing itself doesn't seem that important to you.

Ask nicely.

Be faithful. If you can't be faithful, be single.

Show gratitude even when it feels weird or embarrassing or you're not sure it's needed. No one is too thankful, are they?

Forgive, if you can. If you can't, fake it 'til you make it.

Laugh at yourself... because taking yourself too seriously will give you a heart attack and that's no good.

Try new things.


Try again.

Surround yourself with people you admire for all sorts of reasons. We resemble those we see everyday.

Pay your bills on time. If you can't, call the company and ask for an extension or a new payment plan.

Give whatever you can, whenever you can.

Think it through.

Take calculated risks.

Do your best, which may not always mean it's the best you can possibly do in your life, but that given the circumstances at the moment, this is the best you've got. No one can ask for more.

Love. A lot. 

Don't say things about people behind their backs that you wouldn't say to their faces.

When you feel angry, upset, hurt, or scared, examine the situation through the lens of your own weaknesses to determine how much is actually happening compared to how much you are reacting.

Be nice. Any time you think of it, be nice. Even if it's only on Tuesdays, be nice. It will become a Tuesday habit. Then, maybe you'll think of it on other days sometimes too. Just try to be nice.

Hardest one: Be as kind, forgiving, and understanding of yourself as you try to be of others. Accept that you're not perfect, that you say dumb things, that you mess up, that sometimes you try and then you fail, that someone else can do it better, that sometimes you could have done it better but you didn't. 
Analyze it. Feel it. Consider it. Learn. And MOVE ON.

That's it. 

Like I said, if you want to live a good life

just try to live a good life

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