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I've been feeling (1) exhausted and (2) in a bit of a creative void this week. Too many IRL things interfering with my happy-go-lucky blogland. [note: IRL things are pretty freaking awesome!! just time consuming]

Any spare moments of creativity have been logged either here or here.

I've also been starting my days with TED Talks. I know. I know. So original, right?

But seriously!! Check out this talk I watched this morning and tell me you don't come away with "shining eyes."

Also, I totally got suckered into listening to Vivaldi's "Spring" after watching this while I got ready for work. Anybody want to teach me how to play piano?!?!

Next up on my docket is career development, life decisions, and lots of writing. That is, right after I waste this entire weekend with adult beverages, sunburn, and Miss Cassie B. visiting my humble beach bungalow.

Much love!

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