...and then she was gone.

I'm feeling so lucky this morning to have spent the weekend with the one and only Cassie B! She left very early this morning on a jet plane. *sad face*

I missed her presence instantly. Every morning, I would find her on the balcony, soaking up sunshine and just loving those morning moments. Having friends visit while I've been living at the beach is a big blessing because they see it all with fresh, excited eyes. 

My whirlwind of friend visits, spontaneous weekend road trips to the mountains, and pulling crazy hours to get the charity auction put together is over. The next few weeks will be full of .... just.... me and the ocean.

With all of this upcoming me-time scheduled, I'm taking a few notes out of Cassie's agenda book. 

1. Step away from the phone. 
For nearly 4 days, Cassie was completely phoneless. The moment she arrived, she powered down her cellphone and asked me to hide it somewhere in the condo. Just the thought of it makes me super anxious. She said it was glorious. In honor of her commitment  I'm planning to power down and disconnect for a couple of hours each day. For those hours -no blogging, no tweeting, no texting, no nothin'. Sounds incredibly scary and incredibly awesome. 

2. Be awed.
What an amazing experience I'm having here on the coast that is most likely once in a lifetime. It's kind of rude of me to not wake up every morning and see the water, the waves, the sand, and the sun for the magical and fleeting environment that they are. I keep picturing Cassie's face in the mornings, her eyes closed, and her chin tipped up to let the sunshine in, completely awed. It would be a shame to waste this.

3. Go with the flow.
Cassie is literally the most easy going gal on a vacation. Her only requests were (1) that I hide her phone and (2) after eating a huge meal of fried everything, we walk for a bit so that we wouldn't feel quite so disgusting later on. Otherwise, she was totally cool with everything. If you know me at all.... you know that's not quite how I roll. But I want to. I can only imagine how much less stress and anxiety would be in my life if I didn't feel like things had to go a certain way. Maybe it's a little late in life to be learning that lesson, but I'm pretty excited about it. 

As you can see, the soul-searching has already begun. It's about time, too. Nothing like getting back to square one with yourself and figuring out who this person is that you live as, inside of, and through. 

Also feeling the urge to *gulp* read some scripture.... Weird, right?

With lots of thoughts and lots of love,
Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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