adventuring :: something weird:: week three

So.... guess what?!

I am actually crossing off one of my most unreachable goals from the 25 in 25 list I created a few months back.

6. Ride an elephant. [how stinking cool would that be?!?!]

I personally think of it this as a weird goal/adventure and it was definitely weird the way it went down. I've joked about bribing circus carnies to let me ride an elephant behind the tent at some circus or another. Imagine my surprise when we arrive at the circus last week [completely impromptu] and they were offering ELEPHANT RIDES!!

My year is made. It was so cool!! Her name was Lulu and she had a calf in the Circus Show as well! She was definitely a big sweetie. ♥ 

Next Friday: Something Pretty :)

See you then, My Plucky Piquettes!

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  1. That is so awesome that you actually got to complete that item! My dad's ridden on an elephant before...I don't have any particular desire to do so...

  2. So. Completely. Badass. Well done friend.