Storage Crisis :: Belts. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That


As you know, I'm wearing dresses (and skirts and skorts) every single day this year. With so much mixing and matching, belts are very important accessories! I only brought a couple with me to da beach since it's only for a few months, but now I've purchased several more and I'm going bonkers.

My current belt display looks a little something like:

A broken plastic hanger, no less. I need Pinterest or your brilliance or some combination thereof. I have no dollas to shell out for a legit "belt wrack" (?) [is that such a thing?]. 

Blogland, help me out! Cheap / easy / DIY belt storage so that I can easily see all of the belts and pick one out that isn't all the way on the bottom and have to sift through every belt I own to get there.


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  1. I will be of no help. My belts are all pretty much on the floor. And I have many, many pieces of clothing that I want to hang up but I'm too lazy to buy more clothes hangers. #fail I would pay someone to organize my life.. or give me lessons on how to keep it that way.