New Recruit...

Yesterday afternoon was gorgeous and I spent most of my Saturday soaking up rays on da beach. It was glorious. Though I started with a blanket in the sand, the whirling wind kept blowing sand into my mouth, my nose, my ears, but thankfully not my eyes. 

So after an hour or so of that ugly business, I took my fate into my own hands. The condo building also has its own pool [rough life, I know] so I set myself up with a Diet Coke, a pool chair, and Taylor Swift blasting through my headphones. 

Close to the chair I chose was a small, white tackle box that I assumed belonged to a maintenance man of some kind. I set my timer for 15 minutes so I'd know exactly when to turn, flopped down on my stomach, and settled in. 

Two, maybe three, minutes later, I heard a ringing sound. Not a ringtone, like the mambo or a harp that we're used to these days, but a solid BrrngBrring  BrringBrring old-school telephone ring sound. 

My first thought was, "Good morning, Charlie." It rang again. I waited. 

Maybe someone was nearby, though not actually at the pool, and would soon hear his cellphone ring. It rang again. 

Maybe someone lost his phone and had no idea where he left it and they were calling it to try to find it. It rang again. I waited. 

Then it hit me. 

I was being recruited. Somewhere, a secret mission needed a girl just like me and this cellphone had been planted nearby and whoever was calling had special orders for me to save          (?)          or deliver           (?)          ! I gotta answer it! This is my chance. I'll be fulfilling my destiny!! I waited. .... it never rang again.

So now, friends, instead of some epic tale of heroism and action and adventure, you are reading the story of the day that I almost became a Bond Girl.  /le sigh

The End

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