Myrtle Memories

Monica doesn't know it yet. She's off doing errands or chiling back at the condo right now, and I'll be off work at 2p. She's getting The Full Myrtle this afternoon/evening. This includes:

{::} Apply for a Pig Card. {::}

{::} Find a dollar beer. {::}

{::} Write your name on the pier. {::}

{::} Line Dance Lessons @ The Beaver Bar {::}

{::} Sit on a Harley. {::}

{::} Happy Hour @ Scotty's Oceanfront Beach Bar. {::}

{::} Molest Minigolf Statues [and provide photo evidence, of course]. {::}


I'm sure there's plenty more where that came from. But shhhh. Don't tell Monica.... It's a surprise. ;)

Happy Adventuring!

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