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Dear Blogland, I legitimately wrote an entire post entitled "Friday's Letters :: To Ralph" and ranted on for a solid paragraph at my cat in felicitous form. Thankfully, the delete button still works on this computer. You're welcome. Dear Family, I had SO MUCH FUN visiting with you last weekend! Thank you for coming!! Dear Boyfriend, Sorry I'm such a bear. Next week is my "time," you know. We all knew you had it coming. #sorrynotsorry #butactuallykindasorry Dear Work, Your website needs so much work. You could hire me on full time solely as a Website Fixer Upper, and it would still take a couple of weeks to get everything in shape. Eesh. I'll keep trying though. Dear Margarita Pouches, So glad Monica decided to test you out. I kept passing you over at the grocery store. Safe to say I'm a new fan of your sweet, tastey ways. :) Dear Novels, Sorry I suck. I set out to read a book a week knowing that I would have company at regular intervals for the next four weeks! Oops. I'll be back with you soon. Promise! Dear Bed, You just get comfier and comfier. Dear Bora Bora, You're doing it right.

Happy Friday!
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