Easter Sunday

Happy Easter, everyone!!


 I'm far away from home today and this is one of those holidays that makes me miss my family [and childhood] something fierce.

Easter brings to mind snapshots of memories - muddy yards full of hidden Easter eggs, potato salad, jelly beans, singing "Up from the grave He Arose!" at the top of our lungs, sunrise service that started at 7am but we didn't mind getting up for it because we new Easter dresses and there would be pancakes.

Easter as an adult [with no kiddos] is kind of a weird beast. No Easter baskets overflowing with green, plastic grass did magically appear before breakfast. We didn't pick our way through moist, muddy lawns in our good church shoes. Not a drop of fried chicken was consumed. And when you're on a diet, you look at marshmallow Peeps in the store like: 


James and I considered going to an Easter service this morning, but other plans came up. He suggested it, actually. Even so, I am planning to read the Easter story scriptures later today and think long and hard on themes like sacrifice, love, humility, and leadership.

I guess what this Easter Sunday brought with it was a sense of longing - for my family, for my childhood, for confidence in a belief system, for future Easters spent tying pretty white bows in my daughter's hair and scolding my son for eating too much Easter candy too fast, for lots of things. 

Eep. So much going on this head of mine. Solution: Scarf down a Cadbury egg and watch "The Bible" on History Channel.

Hope your Easter is peep-tastic!

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