Can we call these adventures? [with pictures!]

What do you dare?

 The Dress Dare life project continues to change and evolve. We've now got 2 complete months under our belts! Eep! 

As we share this fun, feminine journey with followers, we're constantly asking ourselves, "Why is this important? What do others get from the dress dare?" 

Sure, the fashion is fun. Who doesn't love playing dress up, but we're also "daring," you know? Wouldn't it be cool to inspire other young professionals, women, girls, moms, people to DARE?! 

So in March, maybe you'll make yourself a promise? A dare? 
A workout schedule you'll dare yourself to follow or an eating clean regimen you haven't dared to try before? 

It doesn't matter what the dare is! All that matters is that you reach inside yourself, grab a hold of something you've always wanted to try, and dare to do it! Email us with your dares or questions or just to say "Hi," k? :) --

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The February weather in Surfside was less than stellar. We've seen plenty of rain the past month, and the temperatures were definitely higher in January! But that's okay. When I start to get gloomy about cranking up the heat on the thermostat, I just check the weather back home and.... Well, you get the idea. 

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As noted, I'm making my way through the Top 100 Reads and before I could even blink at The Wind in the Willows, I came across this line. It was just too perfect to pass up! ps. is my FAVORITE [[free]] photo-editing, text-adding, saving-the-photo-with-the-right-megapixel-count web tool of all time. Just saying....

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Speaking of weather, Sunday was gorgeous! The thermometer only reached the mid-60s but the sun was
h-o-t. I set myself up on my balcony [
← still can't believe I get to say that] with a lawn chair, a Diet Coke, and some tanning lotion. It's been several weeks since I last laid out [read: since January] so I might have overestimated my baking time by just a teensy little bit.... Oops! Lobster red is all the rage in Spring fashions this year, right?

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If you're a regular reader of this blog, or follow me on any social media outlets, you know I'm a sucker for a certain high school science teacher back home. I can't help it. I have a thing for button up shirts under v-neck sweaters. And beards. Mostly the beard. But anyway, this guy has been dedicating hours each week after school and on the weekends to co-coach a robotics team at the inner-city high school where he works. He's a better man than I! [in every sense of the word, obviously] This little doodle is just some "robot love" for him and his team at their competition last week! How lucky for him that I'm a bit of an arteest as well. 

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Oh, this? Just Ralph being Ralph, the sexy beast that he is. ♥

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Living at the same address for two years in Indianapolis, then being a nomad for the month of December, then moving to South Carolina for 5 months leaves me with a bit of a predicament when it comes to that pesky thing called a "mailing address." My driver's license is, and always has been, my family's permanent address and that's where my mail has been headed. My Nana is the best and forwards my mail to me manually. Sometimes, she slips a little something extra in the envelope.... like a Taylor Swift blanky. 

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ONE WEEK until Em Snapp visits me at da beach! Eep! Nail painting, margarita drinking, pizza binge-ing will ensue. Be prepared, Twitter/Instagram/Blogland. We take A LOT of pictures. Obvi.

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Lastly, maybe most importantly,
Of course I documented the entire thing and I'll post the recipe someday... Remember when I said that I wouldn't blog about recipes because I didn't have any? Maybe I'm conforming. Yikes! Somebody stop me!

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That wraps up a quick peek into my plucky proceedings this week. What's going on in your universe? :)

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