App Attack!

I can safely say I'm glued to my iPhone way too many hours each day. I can't help it! The darn thing is so handy! What's the weather today? There's an app for that. I want to take a picture! There's an app for that. Haven't checked my email in a couple of hours... There's an app for that too! And so it goes.

I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to downloading apps, though. Other than the standard Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GMail apps, my other selections are pretty scarce.

That being said, five AWESOME apps have captured my heart. [[and they're free!]]

one: Pic Jointer
This is the #OOTD lifesaver! The square collages are my favorite, of course, because they transfer perfectly to Instagram. There are no fancy angles, and the free version of the app has only white borders, and no extra shapes or effects. But I love it! Definitely my most used app!

two: CharityMiles
As a new "runner," I'm so thankful for this app! I listen to music on my phone when I run, so I always have it with me. With this app, you get to choose a partnered charity and the GPS tracks your miles, and then 25c per mile is donated to the charity you chose. I never really look forward to a run, but I always look forward to the end of one when I get to see that particular run's impact (# antiretroviral pills or # mosqito nets provided). 

three: Overgram
What's not to love about this one? First, take a cool picture. Then, add text to it in cool fonts. Finally, upload the perfectly squared image to Instagram. Yep. It's a keeper. For a dollar or two, you can have the watermark removed and unlock even more fonts. Great for inspirational moments!

four: BeFunky
I love every single thing about BeFunky. I love the website and I love the app. So you want to post an image with a fun border or a great effect, but it's not a square? BeFunky to the rescue! Tons more filter effects than Instagram in the app, and even more fun features online. #winning

five: Avocado
My bestie recommended this app to me and, of course, I LOVE IT. It's designed as a co-profile for you and your sweetie. You can send hugs and kisses and add pictures and message back and forth, and it's all right there in one app. I don't have to dig through old texts to find a certain picture, because they're all saved in one little album. Plus, you place the phone to your heart and it "hugs" your guy. How. stinking. cute. is. that. ?? 
There you have it! Hopefully, I didn't contribute to your iPhone addiction. ;)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

 What are your favorite apps?

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  1. Just downloaded CharityMiles. That's flippin awesome.

    1. It really is so great! You'll have to let me know how you like it. :)