A Pain in the...Back?

Hello, darlings!
Happy Wear A Dress Wednesday! I'm sure you're all looking stellar this fine spring day. Hopefully you tweeted about it. :)

Life is pretty stinking great right now. The boy is here for 2 whole weeks on Spring Break which seems terribly unfair that he even still gets a SB (#NotATeacherProblems) but since he's spending it with me, I can't complain. [much]

My family visited. We. Had. A. Blast. Watch for pics later this week.

I have only one real complaint -- chronic lower back pain.


Any other bloggy peeps play sports when you were a kid? Did you play 2 or 3 basketball leagues at a time, like I did? Were you in practice, a tournament, conditioning, or scrimmage games every single weekend from age 9 through 13? Did you fall [hard] countless times on your butt, your back, your knees? Did you twist your ankles and jam your fingers and count big bruises all over from pointy little-girl-elbows?

I've had lower back pain for years now. YEARS. As in, I'm 25 years old, and I have the lower back of an 85 year old woman. Actually, I take it back. 85 year old women are bound to have less pain. It's awful. With all of the running recently, the pain has intensified to a point where I can hardly climb out of the car and I need James's arm to get upstairs. 

Does anyone else have these troubles? Have you used insoles? Aleve? Heating pads? Usually, these spells of lower back pain only last a day or two so I haven't had to do much maintenance. It's been a couple of weeks, off and on, this time. Sadly, I think this means the running might have to go. 

Here's hoping our aches and pains can be treated with healthy diets, exercise, and Advil.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

What's your favorite at-home pain remedy? 

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. Hmmm my $.02... you might try some extra core strengthening exercises, geared toward both front and back of your core. Running can wreak havoc in that area if you aren't developing those muscles alongside the ones that are being worked during your runs.

    Disclaimer: I am awesome, but I am not a doctor.

  2. My opinion: yoga and pilates! I used to have back pain and let me tell ya, once I incorporated those two things into my weekly workouts, I've never felt better. It's like Libby said, having a strong core will definitely help! Hopefully there's nothing serious going on in that back of yours! I use Blogilates and Tara Stiles, both of which can be found on YouTube.