What I Wore Wednesday

Inspired by one of my fave bloggers, MacKensie, I thought I'd give this "What I Wore Wednesday" business a shot!! 

I found this dress at Goodwill (where all the best dresses are!!). As a part of The Dress Dare, my best friend and I are wearing dresses (or skirts or skorts) every day in 2013 and we invite all fabulous ladies to play along each Wedesday for  #WearADressWednesday! Twitter: @TheDressDare Instagram: @TheDressDare

Dress -- BeBop
Boots -- S.O.D.A.
Barrette -- Gift from my Nana, years ago. :)

Each week on Tuesday, we gear up for "New Girl Tuesday." This was my best Jess-face. haha
Top -- Faded Glory
Skirt -- Dots
Bracelet -- A gift from my Nana, yet again. :)

Dress -- Faded Glory
Sweater -- George
Glasses -- GlassesShop.com (← cutest.cheapest.glases.EVER.)

Sunday morning, I joined my neighbors for All You Can Eat brunch at The Beaver Bar
Dress -- Madison
Scarf -- 25th birthday souvenir from a street vendor in Paris!
Boots -- S.O.D.A.

Dress -- Liz Lange
Sweater -- Charlotte Russe
Belt -- Dots (I think. Cut the tag off. Oops!)
Shoes -- St. John's Bay

Sweater -- Made with Love by MM (a brand?)
Skirt -- Charlotte Russe
Leggings --Xhileration
Boots -- BAMBOO

I've been a LONG time fan of the little girls' section at Target. The extra-large is broad enough in the shoulders for me, if a bit short. When a good friend found these adorable dresses there, I just HAD to have one. (I got two. hehe)
Dress --  CIRCO
Sandals -- Faded Glory

That gets us back to last Thursday. This was a lot of fun! Hopefully I did it right. ;)

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  1. So cute!! That first dress from Goodwill looks AMAZING on you. Also.. I'm a big fan of shopping in the kids section. We are such creeps. I like the little boys sweaters they have on sale at Target.. I got a super cute one for like $3. *slow motion chicken dance*

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love reading your blog! It is always interesting :) I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster award! Check out http://lizzieandjaneblog.blogspot.com/ for more information!
    Lizzie and Jane