Any German speakers out there? I'm definitely.....
....not one. The entirety of my German-language-education can be traced to Young Frankenstein

Instagram taught me this word today, though
:: vorfreude ::
(pronounced FOR-fry-duh, or so the Internet tells me).

Basically, it's that feeling you get when something great is about to happen. Anticipation, perhaps, but with the tinges of bubbly stomach and irrepressible grins and [in Matlock family tradition] loose bowels. 

This is a good word. More importantly, it's a good feeling. There's some fear mixed in with "imagining future pleasures," sure, but then that's life. We get afraid when we've got something at stake, when we've got something to lose.  

I've been feeling a bit lost about the future, a sensation many assure me will last throughout the rest of my life. A comforting thought, no? But then, kind of.. yes. It is comforting. 

You know what feels great about swimming to the surface after you've been underwater for a long time?
Knowing that you're about to get to breathe.

You know what feels great about being seated in your favorite restaurant after a long wait at the hostess stand?
Knowing that you're about to eat your favorite meal

You know what feels great about boarding a plane on vacation?
Knowing that you're about to land in that dream destination you've been hoping and planning to go for ages.

Actually achieving the greatness is great, but the period before it gets overlooked and underappreciated, don't you think?

I'm starting to think our twenties is actually a time in our lives that can be defined by one ultra-German word  

                  :: vorfreude ::

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  1. I love this! I feel like it's so timely too...I just started looking for more "me" type jobs and I've got all sorts of indescribable feelings towards it. Now, to polish of my German!

  2. What a great word. I know that feeling so well, and now there's finally a word to describe it perfectly.

  3. MacKensie just posted about this today and referred me here. Such a great word! I was looking for this word all day. Not really looking, but I was feeling it all day and couldn't think of what it was. Vorfreude is what it was.