The Sunday Currently

 reading  The Wind in the Willows. Not sure how I missed this childhood classic in my childhood, but I did and it's a nice break after Anna Karenina, I'll tell you. You can find all of my books, readings, and reviews here -- My Library Thing.

 writing  a toss up of many things, some of which include this blog, some of which include materials related to The Dress Dare, some of which are very fun but I'm not quite sure where they're headed... 

 listening  to the ocean, as usual. But otherwise, silence. No tv or music on in the background. Just me, blogging away, to the peaceful soundtrack of the oceanshore.

 thinking  about what happens next. Sometimes, I'm convinced I'm in the midst of my own little Eat, Pray, Love episode with all of the internal changes and soul-searching going on. But could I write about it? ..... hmmm.

 smelling  the sweet smell of the pizza, burgers, potato chips, baking cake or pie that is not happening right now. i.e. smelling nothing. And I'm so proud of it! Running has really been a life change, not the least of which that my appetite has sky-rocketed. In the last few days I've had more willpower and that makes me happy!

 wishing  I had washboard abs like the people in the Insanity commercials but also convinced that sweating that much in the living room carpet would only spell disaster for me in the end. 

 hoping  I figure out what to do next. I feel pulled and pushed and drawn in so many directions right now that the opportunities are endless!! I just hope a bit more direction makes itself evident.

 wearing  my OOTD. :) This is one of my very very favorite dresses, a Goodwill find, of course. 

 wanting  some sweet, chilled, delicious Diet Coke.

 needing  nothing.

 feeling  parched. The after effects of a run. But the Diet Coke craving will be satisfied shortly. No worries. 

 clicking  Facebook, Gmail, Blogger, and Twitter. Typical. :) 

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  1. the simple way you've described diet coke has left me jonesing for one. that may have to happen a little bit later today, though, as i've already had two cups of coffee. what can i say, i like my caffeine.

    oh, & when i'm exercising a lot [especially running] by appetite is out. of. control. of course it leaves me wanting to eat more, but i look at it as a victory, because that means my body is working so hard that it needs even more food. to me, that's a good sign!

    we need to start planning our 'meet in the middle' get-together. i'm excited about it! i'll email you a little bit later today so we can start the discussion. :)

    hope you have a happy week!

  2. Loved Wind in the Willows....takes me back to childhood every time =) And you could definitely write your own saying =)

  3. Hoping you liked AK. I really really loved reading it and was so glad to have finished this beast of a book! :) I read your review and I have to say I agree about a lot. I guess I felt differently about Anna as I read more and more. I thought she was utterly selfish and silly most of the time... but there was a time when I felt so terribly sad for her. That in her society there wasn't any other choice than to be with a man who doesn't love you or give attention to you. It was almost a feminist thing... which is crazy because I am really not all that feminist in the traditional sense... but I was just really sad for her. That being said, affairs are never a good solution and I think she acted poorly through the whole book. However, I began to think that she genuinely felt she had no other choice. Anyway, just a few thoughts months after I finished. So I could be mixing movie stuff with book stuff or just plain making stuff up.. either way congrats on finishing it! :) -Alexandra

    1. It was definitely a mixed bag of emotions for Anna! Since I also didn't like her very much, I was kind of hoping it would end up that her daughter AK was actually the namesake of the book. Is that wrong? haha. I think Levin was my favorite character! His internal struggles and trying to figure out what he thinks and how he fits... I really did relate to him most, I think. More AK on the blog later today! Thanks for your comment! #bookclub :)