Some Dreams Aren't Meant to Come True

Warning: This is a freaky & graphic dream sequence.

Okay, consider yourself warned.

I had my first nightmare ever last night. Or at least, the first one I can recall in which I woke up in fear and sweating and terrified.

I had been captured and was being held captive in a tiny bedroom. My captors were making t-shirts and they wanted me to help them write on the shirts with permanent marker (and duct tape?) and I was so furious. I'm like, "Uhhh. You kidnap me, threaten me, and plan to kill me but YOU want ME to help you?? Negative." But, of course, my life was on the line so I'm like, "Okay! Let me help!!" and trying not to act like I'm scared pantsless.

Then, they're driving me somewhere and I'm in the backseat with another girl they've captured. We're naked (?) and I realize that they plan to rape us too. So, we stop in a parking lot by a park and there are people a few hundred yards away. All I can think is that people escape all the time on tv and if I can just yell loud enough, the other people will hear me and we'll be saved. My plans must have shown on my face because the female captor turns around, scary wicked curved knife in her hands and says, "Go ahead. Make a run for it. If you can get away, you can live."

So I hesitate, knowing she's not about to just let me run away but I see the opportunity and I'm like, "I'll never forgive myself if I had a chance to escape and didn't at least try" so I jump out of the back seat and start to make a run for it.

She sinks the knife deep  into the back of my right leg, just above the ankle. I'm completely unable to walk at the point. And that's when I know I'm done. There's nothing else I can do. I tried. But this is the end.

Then, someway or another, I wasn't me but I was another person hearing about what happened and I learn that the two girls were killed in the woods over there, raped and then cut up with a large knife. The girls never stood a chance.

And then I woke up.


No more Criminal Minds before bed. Seriously. How sick and freaky is that? And it came out of my own mind?? Ick. More Disney Channel viewing in my near future. Ay caramba.

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  1. uhhhh that's terrifying. You're lucky that this is your first dream like this though.. Seriously, I've had so many dreams like that. I wake up from them trying to sob my eyes out but can't because I'm asleep. And I don't even watch scary stuff for this very reason!! So weird.