Me Likey Wednesday

Hey, friends!
Inspired this morning by one of the first blogs I started following -- Awkward Girls.
On Wednesdays, they post some of their new [or old] favorite things in "We Likey Wednesday" posts.
Lucky for you, I'm posting my own Me Likey Wednesday. So you get a double dose, if you're an AwkGirls reader [and if you're not, you should. They're adorbs.].
Without further ado...

Girl Crush: Emma Watson
I can't help it, team. MacKensie visited HP Land last weekend and I canNOT get Hogwarts off the brain. Even so, Hermione with her unruly brown locks and quick wit and mischevious-yet-cautious-yet-can't-seem-to-help-getting-into-shenanigans complexities will always be my booktwin. Still haven't forgiven Emma for cutting off all that gorgeous hair. But still, you can hold a grudge and still crush on somebody, right? [i.e. isn't that called marriage??]
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Boy Crush: Dr. Avery aka Jesse Williams
I mean.... what?! Let's just say I don't watch Grey's Anatomy solely for the realistic surgical practices. Ay caramba.

Source: via Kayla on Pinterest
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Tunes of the Week:
:: Thrift Shop :: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ::
Maybe it's that thrift stores rock my socks or that he's sporting footie Batman pjs or that it's hilarious. Whatever it is, seriously digging this song this week.

:: That's Not My Name :: The Ting Tings ::

College Prepster playlists reminded me of this song this week. Seriously. This reminds me of an entire summer when I worked as a camp counselor at Happy Hollow Camp and my favorite Frenchie could always be caught singing this song. Awww. Yeah. So glad to rediscover this guy.

:: I Think I'm In Love With You :: Jessica Simpson ::

Okay, now before you accuse of me of going completely mushysoft in the head, the back story. I got a new laptop just before Christmas. My old one was dying a slow and painful death. When it came time to transfer my iTunes from one to the other, some stuff made it. Some stuff didn't. This song made it. And then made it onto my phone. And then, when Boy was here, I made him listen to it in the car. He was unimpressed. I'm sure you, lovely readers, will remember and love it too? Right? .... Bueller?
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Fun Blogs: 
:: Awkward Girls ::
I really enjoy their style and fun, awkward humor!

:: College Prep ::
This girl's got it all. She reads, writes, works, works out (I think), dresses adorably, lives on coffee and donuts, is driven and accomplished and smart and young. She's pretty much my all-around blogging idol. I stalk her blog/tweets/pins on the reg. That's not creepy is it? 

:: Indypendent in the City ::

Kari is hilarious and smart and pretty and I happen to know her IRL and she's going to change the world, one nonprofit at a time. Hopefully, I'll make it back to graduation in May and see all of my old grad school pals again! 
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:: Greek Yogurt ::
This stuff is always on sale at the grocery store and I, for one, LOVE IT. I also like that the the fruity ones have real fruit in them. When I'm craving something sweet, I don't feel guilty about this treat! Unlike the next guy....

:: Shamrock Shake ::
Holy Smokes. I love seasonal foods anyway, but the Shamrock Shake at McD's is the bomb. Fortunately [or unfortunately] they have calorie counters next to menu items now so you can see exactly what price you're paying for something this scrumptious. Whatevs. It's still delish.
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The Cuteness: TuckeredIn

OH.EM.GEE. Sleeping baby animals errrrwhere! Seriously. Cutest thing ever.
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There you have it, folks! A few of my faves! Hope you likey. :)

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  1. Yes ma'am!! I love ALL of these things!!

  2. I'm exactly the same when it comes to Carly of College Prep. I may just be a little bit in love with her life? xo