I'm no expert but... [xi]

... I'm going to have to learn to count past 11 in Roman Numerals in order for us to continue this thing.

... one of the great things about living in the USA is that every few weeks we have a reason to send each other cards. Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day! Happy St. Patrick's Day! Happy Easter! Happy Memorial Day! Happy Mother's/Father's/Grandparent's Day! You see what I mean? We all gripe that we don't write like people used to, that we don't get real mail.... Here you go, sparky. You have a monthly excuse [reminder] to drop a few lines via snail mail. Get to it.

... noses are really gross. They're full of hair and snot and boogers. You can smell stuff with them, sure. And they hold up glasses pretty well. But they are epicenters for black heads and face grease and a lot times end up in other people's business. I'd say, overall, noses are a loss. [We can't even noticeably smell pheramones to know who we should be lusting after like so many other creatures with schnozzes!!!! Fail, human nose. Fail.]

... I believe in too much magic to be a mere muggle. 

... this guy knows what he's talking about.

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What are your non-expert opinions?

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  1. "... I believe in too much magic to be a mere muggle." Amen, sister. We yelled at any and everyone that called us 'muggles' at Universal on Saturday.