February. That's a wrap. [[dress dare updates]]

Well, hello there, my plucky piquettes!

This particular beachy day is quite fine, I must say. The sun is shining brilliantly on the water, dogs are playing in the surf, little old couples are out hand-in-hand collecting seashells, and tomorrow is March!! 

Thank you all so much for your support of The Dress Dare so far! Can you believe we're already two whole months into it?! Just a little cray.

We've learned and tried and experimented and strategized and had tons of fun so far, and we still have 10 MONTHS TO GO! We are so proud of The Dress Dare so far. Even if it ended now (uhhh, nope. but just sayin'), we could still call it a smashing success!

Every Wednesday now, several girls join us for #WearADressWednesday! All we ask them to do is wear a dress, take a pic, and tag us in it. These ladies can't get enough!! Wednesday has quickly become my very favorite day of the week. 

We've made a ton of improvements to our website in the last few weeks. The most important ones are listed here. Our personal favorite -- the Dress Dare Darlings!! ♥♥♥

I can't rave enough about how incredible the love and support from all of you wonderful people has made this experience so far. To think, we're just doing something as silly as wearing dresses every day and people find that inspiring! 

Please, please, please keep me abreast of all things fun, exciting, challenging, and daring in your lives! Find me on Twitter and let's be friends (if we're not already, that is :).

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