Workout Playlist Emergency

I mentioned a post or two ago that I've decided to train for a marathon. woot. 
I recognize the benefits of regular exercise on my body, psyche, and overall well being  but in the moment, it's really tough to keep running. I've spent the whole morning attempting to generate a running playlist that will help me stay motivated....and I'm sucking at it.

So, in keeping with Step 3, anybody know any good running songs? ;)

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. hahaha I love this list. I could make playlists all day.. but here's my top 10 running songs: I will without a doubt make more soon. And here's a very lengthy one I created for a half marathon:

    Hopefully that helps :)

  2. hmm.. I don't run. But I think that "belong here" by 78Violet would be a great motivator type song! Its really high energy and the lyrics kind of talk about not quitting and getting what you want so it seems appropriate. It is on the Hellcats soundtrack {if it's hard to find on itunes}. Maybe also "let it rock" by Kevin Rudolph & "I'm not over" by Carolina Liar. I really like Coldplay's "lost" but it isn't quite as high energy, but might be good the middle of a longer playlist. Generally anything popular. Usher, Pibtull, I really like Shakira and things with a latin beat. Try "Rain over me" - pitbull feat. Marc Anthony. Hope this helps! - Alexandra

  3. When I'm running on the treadmill, I put Pandora on Hip-hop radio. It's very fast and motivating, but be careful because it makes me want to dance and I've almost fallen from booty shakin' a few times. Running + booty shaking = disaster. =) Way to go in deciding to train for a marathon!

  4. Snap! This post is so ridiculously relevant to my WHOLE LIFE! I always have Giant Song by Funeral Party in my workout playlists though, and I completely agree with Simply Alexandra about the Hellcats soundtrack; those cheerleading songs are super motivational and energetic!