The Sunday Currently

 reading  nada. Literally just finished the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman. Check out my review of those novels (and others!) on My Library Thing.

 writing  this blog post. :P

 listening  to 2 things: (1) the ocean endlessly washing into the shore outside my window and (2) background noises from Skype as the bf and I are both occupied by different things (like blog posts [me] and football games [him]).

 thinking  that I forget how exhausting reading can be. Investing in characters and plot lines and such is mentally exhilarating but also exhausting.

 smelling  not a lot. I guess mostly the soapy clean smell of my freshly washed face.

 wishing  also not a lot. So many of my wishes are happening right now in my life. It's hard to think of anything else to ask for without being greedy.

 hoping  I sleep through the night this time. Side effect of living alone: bumps in the night

 wearing  a new, super cozy nightgown I got on sale for $5 today at Target. :)

 wanting  sleep, honestly.

 needing  to figure out a job situation.

 feeling  so incredibly blessed. Just so so so blessed.

 clicking  through blogs and GMail and LibraryThing and ... the usual nightly rigmorole. 

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  1. Blog posts and football games sounds a lot like the noise between my husband and I. ;)

    1. Ha! "Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme." ;)

  2. is there anything better than a freshly-washed face? i really don't think there is, sometimes. i sleep next to someone every night, & bumps in the night still wake me up & still freak me out. i rarely sleep through the entire night :( i need to figure out my job situation, too. it's challenging, but i'm excited to see where i actually end up.

    hope you have a happy week :)