Oh Snapp

Excellent news! My wife started a blog!!
I know what you're thinking, "Ummm, Sarah? You have an outrageously adorable boyfriend that you brag about all the time, what do you mean your wife started a blog?"
Oh, ye of little comprehension. Em Snapp is the reason I love this quote by Aristotle:

What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

And perhaps you remember this tweet?

Or maybe you read this post or this post or this post or this post or this post or this post or this post or this post but definitely THIS POST (!!!) ? All include some form of "Em," "Em Snapp," "E. Snapp," "Emily," or just "Snapp." I seriously can't get enough of this woman [in a mostly hetero way.... kidding! She's got a boosky of the male variety as well.]

In any case, if you don't know her, you should. 

She's a real sweetheart and she fools you into thinking she's really quiet at first [she's not] and she is ready to throw down for a chance with the Biebs and she comes from an awesome family and we  are  get  can be  have come to terms with the fact that  are cray cray together. 

If you (1)  visit her blog, (2) leave a comment, and then (3) let ME know in a comment that you visited I will..... uhhh.... what is it you're supposed to do in blogland for people who get suckered into doing the things you ask of them? Offer you a guest spot? Offer you "free ad space"? Help you win a giveaway? 

I tell you what. 
If you do what I've asked of you 
[and, let's be honest, even if you don't], 
be prepared for the following prizes:

1. My everlasting love.
2. You can guest post on my blog any time you want. Honest.
3. I'll add your blog button to my sidebar.
4. Heck, I'll Skype with you if you want.
5. Sorry, I don't have anything to give you... unless you count #1. ;)

Alright, team! Go meet this fabulous girl!! 

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

Sarah, aka "Plucky", blogs on the reg, unless she's on vacation or there's a Pretty Little Liars marathon or she's mulling over the implications of the phrase "on fleek." She can't live without iced coffee, a portable phone charger, or equal pay. Say hello!


  1. Yessssss. Now I have a new friend to be obsessed with (in addition to you, I mean.) duh.


  2. I love this girl already ^^

    Also, it's kinda funny that you call me "Em Snapp" just about every time in blog land, but never in normal land..?


    Are hashtags acceptable on blogs? #learning

  3. YES. YES. YES. My two worlds are colliding and I couldn't be happier about it!