I'm no expert but... [x]

... people without pets are kinda weird. I know there's a general consensus about "crazy cat ladies" and such, but seriously. All of the people I know who are pet owners are great people... and super normal.

... being 'single' in a bar is a lot easier than being 'not single' in a bar. Not sure that I need to explain this one, but here goes. Making friends with dude bartender / guy or group of guys is buying a round and you get included / friendly dude offers you his number so you can 'hang out sometime' -- these all can easily become traps for the taken ones. #fineline

... every person should do something they're proud of each day, some little accomplishment or other. Every person should then take a moment to pat himself or herself on the back and say, "Good job, you. You set out to _______ today and you did it. You rock." Some days for me, this is showering.

... marathon training is SUPER easy. In week 3 of my training and still haven't thrown up or wanted to die or begrudged a single run. Psh. 

... blog link ups are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can be a lot of fun to participate in and you get to meet a lot of cool new people. On the other hand, I *might* click on 2 or 3 new links to people who seem fairly interesting but it doesn't go much farther than that. I really enjoyed reading MacKensie's post for the "The Facts of Me" link-up but, you see, I already knew I loved her, so.... /shoulder shrug

... PO Boxes < Real Mailboxes. 

... girls are pretty and dresses are pretty. Girls in dresses are pretty. Simple mathematics.

... if you don't already, you are going to LOVE The Lumineers. Do it. Then come back here and thank me. kay.thanks.bye.

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  1. Amen on non-pet people being weird. And amen on loving the Lumineers.

  2. ummm hi. the lumineers are my favorite. also, thanks for the shoutout. I luuuuuurve you. :)