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The expression "comparison is the thief of joy" makes a lot of sense usually but as I ponder the changes in my life from one year ago today, I'm astounded. Comparison is definitely not robbing me of joy this beautiful morning.

For example, right at the New Year, I had my heart ripped out once again by someone I knew was only going to rip it out. Doesn't mean it didn't hurt [because it obviously did] but I knew it was coming. So, to say I spent evenings crying or drinking away my misery is just the start of it. My heart was in shreds.... and then January 2nd rolled around.

In the middle of the month, I bought plane tickets to Europe! I actually bought them while in a night class and it was the most accomplished thing I ever did in that particular class. Anyway, it was a Wednesday night and I was ecstatic and scared and completely disbelieving that I would actually spend my birthday in Europe. 

The next day, Thursday morning, I started to leave for work and discovered my car had been stolen in the night, that someone(s) came into the apartment while we were home, stole some of my Christmas presents [RIP little black Wii] and took my car keys from the key rack and stole my car clean away.


Admittedly, the next Monday I found myself purchasing the little black Mazda 3 I had lusted over for the past couple of years, and that was unbelievable too. My car was going to start every time? And not die at stop lights? Or overheat and require another gallon of water in the coolant tank with each and every drive? WEIRD.

But then I spent the next 4 months figuring out how to not freak out financially over a European vacation while also spending hundreds of dollars a month on this new [but necessary] car. That was  a joy, I tell you.

The next few months were a bit of a haze but that trip in May? When we got on an airplane and actually left the country? When we stayed in homes and hostels with people who thought saying "I have family in Canada" meant we might know them? When we drove on the wrong side of the road while sitting in the wrong side of the car? When I spent my 25th birthday eating crepes and baguettes at a little Parisian cafe just around the corner from the Eiffel Tower? 

Yep. As I look back now, that trip was definitely a turning point. 

But back to a year ago, January 2012, all I can say is "Wow." Just, wow. Oh.. and maybe "Thank you." With this trajectory, I have some absolutely stunning Januaries ahead of me. 

Thank goodness.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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