A Little Brave? Phooey.

Maybe you've noticed that I've gone on and on and on and on  about moving to the beach! I'd say I'm sorry about it, but I'm really not and I'd rather not lie to you, dear reader. However, as much as I'm enjoying this, there is one little bit of it that has rubbed me the wrong way. I may have mentioned this in a post before so bear with me.

Bravery is a funny concept. I've been regaled with tales of my bravery for moving to a place I'd never been with no friends or family nearby and no job lined up and simply following my heart to the sea. If we don't want to get into a huge discussion about whether this idea was sane, let alone brave, we'll just skim over that to my next point.

Think of the thing that you wish you were brave enough to do. Quit your job and start your own business? Ask out that hottie you sit across the subway aisle from each morning? Finally write your novel or paint your landscape or design your building? Go back to school? Move across the country? [I'm looking at you there, MacKensie G.] Travel abroad or become a homemaker or learn to drive a stick? 

Do you have your thing in mind?

Now, imagine you and I are standing in line in a coffee shop and we strike up a conversation. You ask what brings me here and I tell you I have always dreamed of living by the sea. You ask more questions that lead you to realize I'm alone here and I have no job and I have never actually been to this area before in my life and you say, "Wow. You're really brave to just throw caution to the wind and follow your dream like that. I wish I was that brave." 

Now imagine you're me and you want to knock some sense into you! Why the heck can't you?? Newsflash: I have no super powers. I have no extraordinary talents. I have no more resources or smarts or bravery than you. So quit saying these things! I'm not terribly concerned with your opinion of MY bravery. I just want to shake you for not seeing what YOU are capable of, for not giving YOU credit, for saying YOU want something and then not DOING IT. Come on! 

We all have our own set of responsibilities, yes. Yours may be a greater set than mine at the time being. We all have our experiences and resources and understanding of the world and what it takes to live the good life. What I need from you, reader, is to see that we have desires and dreams for a reason. I highly doubt that your desire to go back to school and pursue a higher degree exists simply to help you remain unfulfilled and discontent for the rest of your life. So maybe you don't throw caution to the wind [undoubtedly, in this way, you are much more sane than I] but perhaps you'd be surprised by what's actually anchoring you in this spot and what you just think is standing in your way.

Do me another favor, okay? It's a new year. 2013. Apparently, the world ended last year anyway. This is a new world! One in which we need not just be "sayers" but in which we can [and should be!] doers! Have no fear, okay? Yes, people who try, fail. It's a fact of life. You know what else is a fact? Those who never try, suck. And then they whine about it.

Don't be a whiner, my plucky piquette! Be a wiener or a winner or a wine-er, but be a doer!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

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  1. hehe I love this. It's SO true. I've definitely gotten a lot of "Oh, I've always wanted to do that. You've got some balls!" remarks. I can definitely relate. You're a rockstar.

  2. YES! Love this =) Say it like it is girl =)

  3. i feel the need to tell you how much this post helped me yesterday. i often need to be pushed to get out there & make things happen for myself. i often fall into the rut of believing that things will just happen for me. thanks for providing that extra push for me this week!

  4. Of course! I'm glad my random rantings are helpful on occasion. haha. ps. Seeing your writing style and blog efforts and such, I think you're a very talented lady! For whatever that's worth. :)