Whoa, 25 in 25 :: Checking My List [more than twice]

WHOA! Guess what?! I live at the beach now. Yeppers.

to ensue. :)

In the meantime, a few items I've checked off my list....

2. Move to the beach!
So, guess what?! I moved to the beach. For the next five months, expect way too many photos of my balcony view. We've been here for barely 24 hours and I'm in love. :)

3. Finish my Masters.
As far as I know, if all goes well, I'm mostly almost 100% confident that I've finished my graduate program! Grades are in and not even Nonprofit Law or Statistical Methods could hold me down!
 4. Fall in love. [Only if it's right, of course!]
Oh, alright.... :) 
 5. Live on my own. [no roommates other than Ralph, that is] [RIP Giorgio]
Sadly, Giorgio passed away before the start of this adventure. :( Ralph, however, is here! And it's just the two of us for the next five months!!! You probably can't gauge how incredibly exciting this is. Finally, my OCD issue with dirty dishes is solved! No one else to clean up after or pick on for not doing dishes! 
 7. Take a road trip to/through a state I've never been.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of enjoying Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina for the first time! [as far as I can remember, anyway] That 13 hours was so entertaining [I got pulled over! a story for another time.] Check that one off the list!
20. Own a Keurig. Or a knock off version. Or a knock-off knock off version. 
So, funny story... I actually got 2! Ha! Long story short, the boy and I exchanged gifts a few days early and this lovely machine happened to be one of them. Best.Present.Ever. Then I discovered that Nana got me one ages ago to give as a Christmas present. Oops!! It all worked out, though. I now have a Keurig coffee maker and some sweet new sneaks. 
 22. Skype with someone.
Interestingly enough, I met and visited with a couple of James's cousins at Christmas via Skype. One was a Sara. Of course, I liked her. :)
 {::} {::} {::}

Sheesh! Talk about a busy couple of weeks! More "checks" to follow very soon! 
Check out my entire list and get excited about future adventures!!!
25 in 25
[[25 things I promise to do while I'm 25]]

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  1. wow congrats on getting so much done and yay for the beach! looks wonderful. and i am new to your blog. following along now. looking forward to future posts. happy new year!!!

  2. Aw exciting! You've accomplished quite a bit! I need to update my blog with my 25 in 25 successes. And I'm only 4 months in! So excited to keep checking things off in 2013!

  3. Best. List. EVER. So happy for you!!!! Especially #4 ;) Adorbz.