When the 12 Days of Christmas rush by in the blink of an eye.

Whoa. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! What?! Sorry that I've been slacking in the blog content department. I haven't had time to make my brain work for realz since my last final was over. A quick [and I mean quick] update on my life [this week].

{::} Ugly Sweaters
I'm finally finished pouting about the picture posting after the ugly sweater party. Mostly. That being said, what a blast!! 

{::} Peoria, IL
Monday, I visited the lovely Cassie B. in Peoria but, as always, we forgot to take pictures!! Actually, we took photos of our drinks just not pictures of us. ;)

{::} Off to School
Thursday, I met the students and coworkers of that boy I've been telling you about. Wednesday night, Emily, James, and I created a fancy French dessert [four hours of prep in total] for the kids to consume during Dessert Day. It was fancy.

{::} Blizzard!
Friday morning I attempted to brave the Great Blizzard of 2012 to accompany my little cousin Katie on a fieldtrip, only to discover several miles [and a risked life] later that school was canceled all over the state. Yikes! But then I cried because I was missing the family snow day, being an hour away and all, so we waited until the snow stopped and headed down the ranch. 

{::} End of the World
Friday night it was back up to Indy to celebrate the End of the World / Jim's Birthday / Ryan's Back in Town extravaganza. Oh, hot tub on a cold night. Perfection. Absolute perfection. :)

{::} The Lilly's
Saturday afternoon, I had the privilege of touring the Lilly House and Gardens with Leslie. That place is breathtaking and we've both agreed that somehow acquiring a bunch of money and building a personal library in our mansions is a solid life plan. 

{::} Nail Time
Saturday night I painted a lot of nails. Sleepover with the little cousins resulted in Crackle and sparkly polish over a rainbow of colors on each little finger in the lot. We topped the evening off with a Hallmark Christmas special and a good, long night's sleep.

{::} Holiday Rush
Today, Nana, Noah, and I braved the long lines to do some last minute shopping. It was hectic and slightly stressful but, after all, it's Christmas and we had a lot of fun. 

Whew! And that's just the pre-show! Tomorrow, the real Holiday Rush begins. James gets here at noon. Missouri cousins get here at 6. Dinner at 6:30 then presents. Then... well, you get the idea. So busy! And Friday?! Well, Friday, we head to the beach. :)

Hope you're having a great holiday, Piquettes!

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  1. Is it weird that I REALLY wish we could drink that bitch bubbly together and watch Love Actually right now? :) Merry Christmas!