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We're getting so close!! In less than 2 weeks, Monica and I are pantsless for an entire year. You may be thinking we're crazy, and you just might be right! 100 years ago, American women were just beginning to experiment with wearing pants in public. Weird, right? We thought we might switch it up a bit. More info @ thedressdare.com.

What are you up to in 2013? Are you a web designer type? Aspiring photographer? Media relations major? We are bumbling through based on our limited knowledge, so if you have any tips about how to accurately portray the fun we're having and the lessons we're learning and the adorable dresses we're wearing to those who might want to see it, email us!! 

thegirls [at] thedressdare [dot] com

Oh, and be sure to say Hello to Monica on Twitter! She's a newbie, so let's make her feel welcome. :)

Ciao bellas!

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