The Sunday Currently

 reading  Nonprofit Law cases in the hopes of pulling off a well-executed presentation tomorrow.

 writing  notes for said presentation.

 listening  to the sweet sound of gchat notifications, pleasantly distracting me from my work [errr, the work I'll be doing after I finish this blog post, that is].

 thinking  that I wish school was over, once and for all.

 smelling  deer blood that spilled on my shirt when I opened the refrigerator early and meat had leaked on my Diet Coke bottle

 wishing  it was one month from now, my second day of the dress dare and the first week of my new beachy life....

 hoping  I get a LOT more work done tonight that it seems is likely to happen. Ugh.

 wearing  jeans and a blood-stained hoodie and some fuzzy socks.

 wanting  sleep, honestly.

 needing  to lose 10 lbs but keep eating whatever I want and not have to exercise. Some people would call this a miracle but I say it's Christmas and miracles happen at Christmas time.

 feeling  very full and very sleepy and anxious to finish this master's program in the next two weeks!

 clicking  Google Drive for group projects, Twitter feeds, and [of course] trolling through my favorite blogs. :)

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  1. i want to lose weight while eating whatever i want & not exercising, too! where do we sign up?!