New Year's Eve :: Making Things Happen in 2013

Happy last day of the year, team! I feel very fortunate to have stumbled across an excellent "resolution" exercise this morning. In all of the hoopla of moving and the dress dare and the beach, I almost forgot about this important American pastime -- New Year's Resolutions! 

"Making Things Happen in 2013" is not your average "Next year I promise to [insert grandiose, impossible goal here]" exercise. It is a bit more in-depth, thought out, and powerful [in my humble opinion]. In fact, having spent over an hour working on it this morning, I actually still don't have any actual "resolutions" for the new year! 

First and foremost, we are asked to reflect on the past year, to consider our accomplishments and areas for growth in our recent past. This is tougher than it sounds! 2012 Accomplishments asks for 30 things! I know we all did 30 things last year, about half way through that list, I was struggling. 

Rather than boring you with all [and I do mean all] of my accomplishments, improvement areas, and things that inspire me, I give you my top five! Apparently I'm to let all of these thoughts marinate for a little while and, in the meantime, create a Pinboard for #ThingsThatFireMeUp. Well, if you insist...

I hope to share any further findings in a later post. Until then, I'll be pinning away! What were your biggest accomplishments in 2012? What motivates you? How is 2013 shaping up from where you're sitting?

Happy New Year's Eve, my plucky piquettes!

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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  1. This looks awesome! I might just have to work on this as well! Great find, my friend. You've had a great year! #soproud :P

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog! Love it! :) I get really into goal-setting! If you are interested check out my blog, I tried 100 new recipes in 2012 and tracked my progress on there, among other things. This year I also posted some new stuff about setting and keeping goals! Following you now! :) -Alexandra