Letter to Myself :: 3 Months Outta Grad School Edition

Dear Sarah,

You better be reading something. Right now. Something that has nothing to do with nonprofit management, statistics, law, fund development, or anything even remotely related thereof. 

You had also better be in ah-effing-mazing shape. You kept telling yourself [and everyone else, let's be honest] that grad school was just keeping you too busy to work out. You better not be making a liar out of me, woman. 

You better be within hearing and/or seeing distance of the ocean right this second. Otherwise, we've wasted our time. You know you're only there for five months, right? It's totally cool if you're a bit homesick. In fact, I'm guessing you probably are. Here's the thing: YOU'RE LIVING AT THE BEACH. Suck it up, lovely. 

You have caught up with all of your shows, right? Dexter and Breaking Bad and Grey's Anatomy and New Girl and Downton Abbey? And you've started watching Mad Men and Once Upon a Time and other fantastic shows that escaped your mind at the time your wrote this letter because you were still elbows-deep in finals?

You've created a portfolio, right? You compiled all of the online/social media stuff you've done with nonprofits already and set up some gigs with small nonprofits in your area to continue building up that portfolio and resume so that someday you could potentially get paid to do things that you already like to do, right? Right. Good girl.

Future me, I must go now. It's 10pm on a Thursday and I have just a few days left at the Museum Home and just a few finals to go. 

I can't wait to be you.

Sarah :: Your Plucky Picaroon

Sarah :: Plucky in Love

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