I'm no expert but... [ix]

... we need more dancing. Had a bad day? Dancing. Need to workout? Dancing. Haven't been on a date in ages? Dancing. We need more dancing.

... sleep is for the weak. And I, well. I happen to be very weak.

... focusing on the negative is a terrible idea. There is always something to gripe about. You don't actually have to look that hard to find it. But focusing on the negative does no one any good. You're not more prepared or better understood or "right" more often. You're just negative. Nobody likes a Negative Nancy.

... multiple Twitter accounts on your phone is very confusing. Am I tweeting this or is my project tweeting this? Which account is this Instagram photo posting to? I have a new follower but which account did they follow?? Like I said, confusing.

... we should get the entire month of December off for Christmas. Think of all of the wonderful people we hope to see and enjoy and share with at Christmas time. Now, imagine we don't have to work and we don't have school and we're free to focus on the really important things in life for an entire month. I'm betting a large percentage of people on meds would no longer need medication if they got the whole month of December off to fit in all the Christmas they can handle. In fact, they might end up begging to go back to work. Doesn't that seem like a good fix?

... the people in Colorado toking it up with their legal bongs on a national news circuit this morning did absolutely nothing for me. It still looks dirty and smells really bad and I highly doubt pot stays legal for long. But that's just my humble opinion.

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