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Dear Life, Holy Moses! Slow down!! The last few weeks have been a blitz and blaze of glory. Dear Christmas, Where'd you come from?! Are we really looking at the last few days of 2012 right now? Crazy. Dear End of the World, You will happen when you happen. Since I'm sure this will be a surprise to all of us who don't predict each and every day to be the last day. I'm not worried. Dear Snow, THANK YOU for showing up!! Don't get me wrong, I am super excited for beachy weather but I was afraid I would miss the snow entirely. Fortunately, it snowed! Dear Body, We need to talk. Those first few extra pounds of pudge were kind of cute and lovable. That was several pounds ago. Get it together. Dear Indiana, I keep crying today! I'm going to miss EVERYTHING about this place. All of the people and the streets and the vicinity to my family and (gasp. dare I say it?) school and the Museum Home and Riley in general and ... well, like I said, EVERYTHING. Don't say your final farewells just yet, Hoosier State. I've got a really good feeling that I'll be back before you know it. ;) Dear Beach, Aaaaaah!! This is the most exciting thing of all time! Moving. To the beach. Alone. Just to live on the beach and be alone. Splendid, darling. Absolutely splendid. Dear Christmas Spirit, I've noticed that people seem to be a bit more in the spirit this year. So glad to see it. :)

Happy Friday, Piquettes!! 
Merry Christmas!

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