Cowboy Up :: A Pep Talk [of sorts]

Am I the only person who gets completely overwhelmed by pressure? It makes me think that some of us are NOT designed to be procrastinators because pressure really sucks. I hate having deadlines hang over my head, constantly feeling like I'm playing catch up, and knowing I'm not giving things 110% because I'm running out of time.

Pressure, in my book anyway, is associated with running behind. If you know me at all, you are well aware that any type of "running" is not my thing. With NINE DAYS of grad school to go, I feel like I have A LOT of work still to do. Not to mention work stuff... and planning for the move... and Christmas preparations / celebrations. My head is spinning.

It seems like the silliest thing to gripe about, though. A life full of pressure is only full of pressure because it's full. Which is worse: too many things requiring your attention or nothing to do? too many people requesting your input, thoughts, time, and efforts or no one caring an iota what you think? too much or not enough? 

This is not to say I am not VERY MUCH looking forward to the next 9 days being over, but I suppose this is me telling me to suck it up. Pull myself up by my bootstraps, as they say. Put on my big girl panties and cowboy the eff up. 

Hope you're hanging in there, plucky piquettes!

Keep those near to me in your thoughts as they are the most likely to fall in the line of [undeserved] fire.

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  1. Don't worry - I feel that same way when I'm overwhelmed too. I look at it this way - I am much more organized and significantly better at dealing with stress when I have 100 things going on than when I only have a small handful of things to worry about. You can do it! The end is so near and you are kicking butt!! :) good luck!